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TERRA NutriTECH - OrbVie Mains System

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The OrbVie Portable System doses liquid minerals accurately in to a water trough. When cows get the right minerals little and often through the water system, it ensures: less calving issues, less milk fever, healthier calves and reduces your workload. Simply fill the unit, connect to your phone, set animal number and dosage rate and walk away. Your animals are getting what they need when they need it.


  • Easy to use – no installation required
  • App-controlled
  • Auto dose one mineral blend
  • Set herd numbers
  • Set dosage rate
  • Doses to preset water consumption patterns
  • Floats in the water
  • Easy to fill
  • Suitable for all weather conditions


  • Portable (for use indoor and outdoor)
  • Exact Dosing
  • Reduce Labour
  • Easy to re-order minerals
  • Minimal Waste
  • Refill & Battery Charge reminder notifications to your phone
  • Improves herd health
  • Increases profitability
  • Moves with your herd

To find out more about how our automated controller can help on your farm - Call Ronan: 087 708 6714. 

TERRA NutriTECH - OrbVie Mains SystemTERRA NutriTECH - OrbVie Mains System